RM 9.00

Hydration Sports Gel created from simple and complex carbohydrates with different time release, with D-Ribose and low GI Isomaltulose PalatinoseTM, providing energy in a continuous and gradual way.

> Hydration Formula – Tropical Flavour
With Magnesium and Potassium to support normal muscle function during training.

> Pure Energy Formula – Orange Flavour Featuring 5 carbohydrates with different absorption rates to provide the athlete with continuous and gradual energy source.

> Glucogenic Formula – Lemon Ice Tea Flavour
With glucogenic amino acids Glycin and L-Alanine of extra pure quality Ajipure® assisting glucose synthesis.

> Caffeine Formula – Cola-Lime Flavour With 50mg of Caffeine, this gel delivers an instant mental boost and is ideal to take at the final stage of a race or during a prolonged training sesion.

-With low GI Isomaltulose PalatinoseTM
-Maltodextrin with different release D.E.
-Ensures instant and long-lasting energy
-Particularly suitable for endurance sport
-Fat free
-No mess, access made simple with easy-to-use straw
-Perfect consistency, no water needed
-Vegan friendly

-Ajipure Amino Acids
-Fast Absorption
-Fat Free
-Gluten Free
-Great Taste
-Lactose Free
-Time Released
-Vegan Friendly