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Looking for a ultra lightweight seatpost for your top end bike?

Here's the solution. 95 grams in 350mm length 0degree offset seatpost. The weight removed in seatpost and saddle is very important as it’s far from the ground, the pendulum effect is reduced drastically.

The main post is made of carbon fiber using bidirectional and unidirectional fabrics with an studied asymmetrical laminate to achieve the optimum combination of minimum weight and maximum of resistance.

Each seatpost is laminated by hand to achieve a record weight saving with strength and your safety uncompromised. To do this, at each point of the seatpost, there are a different numbers and arrangements of carbon fiber layers. The layers arrangement is obtained after finite elements analysis and destructive testing.

The totally new dessigned clamping system for the straight versions is made with two ultralight Dyneema® loops. That makes a very important weight reduction on the head of the seatpost / clamping system. This system is good for all kind of rails, including carbon rails 7*9mm.

Finishing: Bright – Mat, Bidirectional (3k) or unidirectional (+4g), customizable colors.

Riders weight limit: The Darimo T1 Seatpost is safe and has passed the standard ISO 4210-2 tests, however it is not recommended for riders over 90 kg. If you weigh more than 90 kg, special order with reinforced carbon can be done for you.