RM 159.00

[High on visibility. Low on clutter]
Be seen with 270° of light, thanks to the Lumaray’s wrap-around LED strip that increases your side visibility. The Lumaray fits seamlessly between your Garmin or Wahoo cycling computer and a Garmin turn mount, cutting down the clutter on your handle bars.

<Exceptional side visibility>
Make yourself noticed with 270° visibility from high-powered LEDs. The wrap-around lens enhances your side visibility and improves safety in low-light conditions.

<Clutter-free mounting>
Cut out clutter on your handlebars with a light that sits seamlessly between your computer and its mount. The Lumaray V2 shares the same 1/4 mount as Garmin devices, making it easy to fit too.

<Device Compatibility>
The Fabric Lumaray V2 fits between a Garmin cycle computer mount and a Garmin or Wahoo cycle computer. Compatible only with Garmin Edge series: 20, 25, 130, 520. Compatible only with Wahoo Elemnt series: Elemnt, Elemnt Mini and Elemnt Bolt. Please read and follow the recommendations in the Garmin or Wahoo cycle computer instructions that recommend the use of a tethered leash, regarding proper mounting precautions. Never try to fit an incompatible cycle computer.

<Wahoo Bolt and Roam users>
To mount a Wahoo Bolt or Wahoo Roam computer to the Lumaray V2, a Wahoo ELEMNT quarter turn mount adapter is required. To install the adapter secure the supplied Garmin puck into the Lumaray V2 and mount the adapter between the Lumaray V2 and Wahoo cycle computer. (*mount base needs to be Garmin to mount the Lumaray V2)

+ 270° visibility
+ Fits both Garmin and Wahoo products
+ IPX5 waterproof
+ USB rechargeable
+ 60 lumen LEDs

Run times
High: 2hrs
Low: 7.5hrs
Disrupt: 7hrs
Flash: 7hrs