RM 928.00

TorqTite XD-15 Ceramic ABEC 5 bottom bracket for BB86/92 shell and integrated 24 mm crank spindles.

The TorqTite bottom bracket is designed to replace any press fit type on the market. This means no more glue, paste or tape to try and keep things quiet. This unique and patent pending system uses a double threaded internal sleeve to tighten the right and left cups with two spanner wrenches and torque your bottom bracket tight on installation. No more movement or internal fretting of your bottom bracket against your carbon fiber or aluminum frame, just a tightened mechanical system eliminating annoying and unwanted noises. Noises and internal friction that can also sap energy and wattage output. TorqTite guarantees perfect parallel alignment between the bearings even if the frame is not perfectly straight, eliminating lost energy. The TorqTite system is the ultimate mechanical bottom bracket system to guarantee the best results with the highest wattage output and no unwanted friction.

Want to make your bike faster than any other? Had enough of servicing your ceramic bearings so that they will survive another rainy day race? Would you rather have a bottom bracket outlast your frameset? Then you have arrived at the solution. XD-15 ceramic bearings have it all - hands down the speediest, and longest lasting ceramic bearing available on the market. Nitrogen steel is the secret, precision machined and ground to ABEC-5 tolerances at Enduro's facility in Gilroy, California. This very special nitrogen infused XD-15 steel material and will not rust or corrode. It is more than 5 times the corrosion resistance of 440C stainless material. The process to make this steel involves remelting a very high grade of martensitic stainless steel from the end of an electrode. This occurs in a highly-controlled remelt chamber while introducing nitrogen gas, producing a homogenous steel free from course carbides and giving ultimate fatigue resistance. A super strong steel made for ceramic balls, XD-15 is the pinnacle in bicycle bearing technology.

Compatible with all cranks with 24 mm integrated axle and BB86/92 bottom bracket housing.